We are always looking for enthusiastic colleagues/engineers to make our products even better. If you’re interested in one (or more) of the following topics you should get in touch with us. Depending on the topic of your interest you should have at least a master or bachelor degree. Practical experience is an advantage but not always required.

Machine Control

We use high precision RTK-GPS technology to navigate or interact with machines. The interaction level can go from very simple to complex (autonomous) using a variety of inputs (sensors) and outputs (actuators). Different control algorithms are applied depending on the complexity of the application. In complex systems robust control strategies are based on adequate system models. In order to improve or create successful machine control algorithms you should be able to identify a system and create system models.

Machine-Machine Communication

We build complex systems with many different components. They communicate with each other using predefined or proprietary protocols. Most of the time these protocols are in a binary format to boost performance. The data being transmitted between devices can be either through serial ports, CANbus systems (ISOBUS) or wireless (FM/Bluetooth/WiFi/UMTS). When you find joy in figuring out device interactions then you are the right man for the job.

User Interfaces

Creating an easy to use interface for a complex system is a big challenge. Interfaces that end up to complex for the end-user are often a pitfall when creating an application. Most of our application run on a touch-screen only display giving a lot of flexibility but also some limitation regarding user input. Part of the interface is build in a 3D engine (OpenGL) that allows us to display real-time view of the vehicle in the field. Do you shiver when you see a badly constructed interface and do you have some experience with 3D engines or do you find it interesting to start learning about it, then you are please to send us your resume.

Remote Diagnostics and Support

Our systems are most of the time out in the field. When a problem occurs our customers what a fast response from our side. In some cases this means that a service engineer needs to get into his car and drive to the site. However, often the problem that is reported is not really a problem and it could be fixed without going actually to the field. For these kind of issues on-site diagnostics can be of great value. You’re responsibility will be to further expand and improve the capabilities of the on-site diagnostics module. Related to this topic and becoming more and more applicable is the possibility for remote support. Since more and more of our systems are equipped with a live internet connection we have the possibility to login to the system in the field and see what actually happening at the moment. You’re task is to investigate the possibilities and implement a real-time support tool.

Data Collection and Processing

One of the key features of our system is an extensive data collection module for our customers. Site specific data collection is becoming more and more valuable these days where customers want to have traceability of their products back to the field. After collecting the data customers should be able to view and handle the data. This sometimes means that the data needs to be converted into different formats in order to be exchangeable with third party (office) applications.

Mathematical Problem Solver

Do you have a degree in mathematics but you want to put theory into practice, then you will definitely find some challenges at Navtronics BVBA.