Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do I need to check for software updates with this tool?

A: Keep an eye on this website to get news about any software updates. A more convenient way is to stay connected using our RSS-feed or follow us on our twitter page.

Q: Where are the files located on my memory stick?

A: The downloaded files are stored in a folder named “software”. After upgrading the applications on your terminal you can safely delete this folder to free up space.

Q: Can I update the SBGuidance application which steers my tractors and/or implements?

A: No, this is currently not supported. A service engineer needs to be present to update the SBGuidance application. Currently SBGuidance Update Manager will only update the following applications: SBGuidance LoaderSBGuidance Perceel Manager,SBGuidance Base ManagerSBGuidance Machine Manager and SBGuidance Update Manager.

Q: How do I get SBGuidance Update Manager on my terminal?

A: If you have SBGuidance Loader 2.15 or higher, you can install SBGuidance Update Manager by yourself. Download SBGuidance Update Manager and place the file in the root of your memory stick. Rename the file to “install-updatemanager.exe”. Then go to SBGuidance terminal and plugin the memory stick. Once you’re in SBGuidance Loader, a pop-up message will appear in the lower left corner to tell you SBGuidance Update Manager is available for installation. If you don’t have SBGuidance Loader 2.15 (or higher), you will need a service engineer to install SBGuidance Update Manager.

Q: Can I install new applications on the terminal using SBGuidance Update Manager?

A: No, SBGuidance Update Manager will only upgrade existing applications.

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