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SBGuidance 3.3.1

SBGuidance 3 is a navigation solution for agricultural machinery based on high-precision RTK-GPS technology. It supports all kinds of tractors, self-propelled machines, implements and plows. SBGuidance 3 can be used to steer individual machines or a combination of tractor and implement.It offers support for simple guidance (straight track) but also for advanced curved track operations and predefined field patterns thanks to its intuitive user interface. SBGuidance 3 can be extended with additional add-ons: autonomous vehicles, external signal logging, task registration, variable rate control, and many more…

The new version of SBGuidance 3.3.1 has better support for task registration, review of several steering algorithms, a brand new on-line module (weather info screens) and better localization support. The new version can be downloaded from the SBGuidance 3 page (dealer login required).

SBGuidance Navigation System

SBGuidance 3.3

The main new feature in SBGuidance 3.3 is the possibility for task registration. Task registration in  SBGuidance 3 is based on the successful module in SBGuidance 2 with improved usability and flexibility for the customer. Besides the new registration module, this version incorporates several new features and improvements. Registered users can download the latest version on the SBGuidance 3 page.

Task registration is frequently used by flower-bulb growers